Fishponds Fields have always felt like the missing green heart of Tooting.  Though they lay underused for decades, there have been steps forward in the last year, since Enable LC were appointed to manage them on an interim basis. Forever Fishponds is working with Enable on its programme of activities to meet the needs of all users, pending Council decisions in late 2022 about the Fields’ long term management. 

We’re delighted to announce that the 2022 summer opening hours will be as follows:

Monday – Friday 9am until 8:45pm

Saturdays & Sundays 9am until 7:30pm.

The campaign for consistent regular access to the Fields for local people, started with Forever Fishponds in January 2020. Working with local Tooting residents we asked ‘What if Fishponds were a thriving green habitat for all in the heart of Tooting, for current and future generations?’

Many good things have happened at Fishponds Fields over the past few months, especially the decision to open the Fields permanently during daylight from 18th July 2022.

But much remains to be done to realise the potential of the fields as a flourishing green asset for everyone in Tooting – a resource promoting physical and mental health and community well-being, as well as making an outstanding contribution to sustainability and biodiversity.

In response to a request from councillors, Forever Fishponds house produced a Vision Document to outline a future for the fields that serves the goals above. It draws on the views you have expressed in successive consultations over the past couple of years. These are the foundations on which the vision rests.

We would love to hear from you, either to share your thoughts on the vision document or if you feel you could contribute to efforts to make the vision a reality. The Forever Fishponds team is a friendly, open group and welcomes new people taking part.

Read our Community Offer and Our Submission to Prize to Transform the Future hosted by London National Park City and South East AONB’s (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

All are welcome to explore how sport, physical activity for all,  biodiversity, mental health, outdoor learning and community connection can work together on Fishponds Fields. One day we may be able to wander or cycle the Tooting Green Way through Fishponds to Streatham Cemetery to Springfield Park and on up to Wandsworth Common. Why not? 


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