This First Tuesday event was about wellbeing.  Belinda and Hilary talked about events that are being offered locally this year, including The Treasuring Tooting walk and pop-up kindness activities being run throughout Tooting.
Conversations among the group identified that satisfying our basic needs such as safety and a home were essential; including having comfortable things that made us feel safe such as a warm blanket, a favourite old teddy. This was closely followed by having time to spend reflecting, relationships and connecting with others. A few risky sports were also cited as they brought joy and elation!

An interesting discussion ensued about money and wealth, with a reflection that yes, these things have been important to our own happiness at one time in our lives, and also that other interests – such as gardening, or creativity, or connection with nature  – had taken over the role of making us happy. We acknowledged the need to build in more social connections (and hugging!) to help us thrive in our lives.
On the subject of connecting, Jane very kindly shared the inspirational and touching journey she has made through her project recycling bottle tops project and her work at Age Concern, which encapsulated the idea of happiness via connection. See a fuller account of Jane’s story, written to accompany TTT’s exhibition at the Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park on April 22nd.

Finally, we played the ‘diy happiness game’ which led to offering a compliment, committing to speak to our neighbours and identifying things we appreciate in ourselves.

Belinda has written a further page with more detail about wellbeing: please click here.