The Gatton School Community Garden project won a team award at the BATCA Community Heroes event held this evening at Jasmin’s nightclub in Tooting. Congratulations to nominees Chuck and Deputy Head Hoosen Randaree pictured above with Head Teacher Rifat Batool and their awards. 
Many thanks to everyone involved, especially the children!
Some numbers about the project to date, since March 2013:

  • Around 180 children have taken part, rain or shine
  • There have been over 20 day sessions, each made up of 2 separate hours for different age groups
  • For each hour, 2 or 3 School staff come along in support – that’s around 100 ‘staff hours’
  • Over 20 TTT volunteers have helped to host the sessions, contributing over 150 ‘volunteer hours’
  • Plus the time, energy and enthusiasm in planning, preparation and follow-up from all…  

Some of the impact of this outdoor learning on the children, and on adults?

  • Children experience and learn about some new things, in new ways, in a safe and supported setting
  • Children do these new things together alongside their classmates, with School staff, and volunteers
  • Individual children may show new or different skills and behaviours: concentration, problem-solving, creativity
  • The adults explore the practice of outdoor learning

And a particular thank you – We could not be doing this project without the support of the owners of the Tooting Community Garden land: Mushkil Aasaan, which provides community care to Asian families in need.