Come and talk to us at our stand at St George’s Community Open Day on Saturday 15th Nov. about opportunities to get outside in Tooting. Outdoor Tooting can be a surprising and rewarding place for all ages, and TTT want to encourage more young people and adults to get outside – for fun, to play, for exercise, to meet people, to learn – & more.

Four glimpses of our outdoor project with Gatton School:                                                      

This morning we hosted 70 
Year 4 children, staff and parents who were investigating what’s living in six different Community Garden habitats – with the group braving showers and wind.

The end of today’s session, under the holm oak.
Time to go home, and now the sun has come out.

Last week, in one of the weekly sessions with Reception children


A year ago, Year Six made a practice DIY drainpipe system to learn about getting water from the roof to the butts for the rainwater harvesting build project. 
It worked!


Back in September, just before the Tooting Foodival, teenagers from The Challenge project helped to harvest potatoes at the Garden, and much more. 
(The rainwater build now doubling as an outdoor room, nice…)

Adults are welcome outdoors! 
Another way to enjoy being outside is to try on of FanSHEN Theatre’s Tootingwalks: two audio tours of Tooting that you can download to your mobile, and then walk the guided tour – or load on your computer to preview at home, like a radio programme. 
For all the details online, click here
Chat with us about the Tootingwalks if you come to St George’s.

Or, get ideas with Project Wild Thing: click here for info. Adults or young people can be bold and pledge to spend an hour outside for every hour spent looking at a screen…..try it!

We’re going to plan some Wild Days Out(doors) in Tooting in 2015, and also show the  ‘Project Wild Thing’ film one evening – keep in touch, chat at St George’s, and come and get involved.