The title for this first TTT blog post of New Year 2015 is a parent’s comment at our ‘Reduce, Re-use, RESPARKLE!’ crafts making session run with the Tooting Library on the Saturday before Christmas. 

‘I never knew you could do so much with paper’ is a great prompt for us all about seeing things differently, about challenge, about taking action, about sustainability, about exploring new skills together across ages and cultures, about appreciating the local settings we have in Tooting (including great community places like the Library), about coming together to have some surprises and fun.

Those are all ‘resolutions’ that TTT will  aspire to in 2015. 

What did we do in the ‘RESPARKLE!’ session?

We used recycled materials and simple methods to enthuse children and adults with making beautiful seasonal decorations, presents or bags from ‘waste’ – old newspapers from the Library, single-side printed A4 docs, juice cartons, and more.

It was a very full two hours – from a standing start at 2:00 pm, we were almost swamped by lots of nimble fingers, questions, concentration and focus, and smiles…and a big range of ages, nationalities and cultures. 

We had over 30 children active at once; we had adults making things too, and families setting up tables and doing their own thing (all these activities can be done at home with household materials).  
We expected a fun session, and this was nearly off the scale….!


Thanks so much to the GLL staff at Tooting Library, and to our six skilful TTT volunteers.
Cheers to the Children’s Librarian for these nice comments: ‘the event went brilliantly, was well organised, well attended and great fun. I was really pleased to have you along for the day’. 
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