Wandsworth Environment Forum are holding a public meeting on Tue 19thJanuary(7pm, Room 123, Wandsworth Town Hall) covering such questions as:
What can be recycled and where does it go after sorting?
Is incineration of non-recyclables better than landfill?
How is Wandsworth performing on waste processing and recycling? (Here are the government’s latest statistics for London: http://data.london.gov.uk/dataset/household-waste-recycling-rates-borough/resource/6f7bc5cd-217b-4eed-9450-af086f17908e) Unfortunately Wandsworth doesn’t compare well with the London and England rates.)
Why doesn’t the council collect food waste?
How might we do more together to minimise waste locally?
Sharon Ross from Western Riverside Waste Authority / Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Smuggler’s Way and Cllr Jonathan Cook, Wandsworth Council’s environment spokesman will be fielding such questions and no doubt there will be some lively discussion!
The Circular Economy

The concept of the circular economy will be presented by Gemma George from London Sustainability Exchange. As you may know, this is a new way of thinking about creating systems which re-use materials and effectively minimise waste and dramatically reduce our need for new raw materials. 

The idea is currently being promoted to the top end of the business world by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (founded by the former solo yachtswoman – see www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/).

The final discussion will look at how we, the community sector, and Wandsworth Council might work together to take forwards improvements to the current systems and any ideas for new initiatives.
TTT will be having a stall there and we hope to see you there! If can’t come to the meeting but have a question, please either sign up to Project Dirt Wandsworth Cluster, http://www.projectdirt.com/cluster/wandsworth/, or e-mail Vicki Carroll, WEF chair, on vickigoat@hotmail.com.