Celebrating eight years of Transition Town Tooting!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Annual Celebration

Last Friday, we turned our AGM into ACE – our Annual Celebratory Extravaganza – to share and celebrate what we’ve achieved, and to look forward to 2016 and beyond.
Volunteers, beneficiaries, partners, project leaders, friends, neighbours and interested local people came together at Rechere’s on Tooting High Street. We ate well. We talked and made new friends. We formed teams to take part in one of the hardest quizzes in TTT’s history! And we gathered around our enthusiasm for making change in how we live, where we live, in light of climate change.
Celebrating and sharing

Thank you to everyone involved this year and in the last eight years!

We picked a few things to celebrate and here, we share them with you:
  • We ran our 9th series of Carbon Conversations last year – a series of workshops to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint and explore the challenges we face in light of climate change.
  • Eight years of our sustainable food festival – Foodival. Last year, we won a Grow Wandsworth Sunshine Award for “celebrating the ways people have brought a bit of sunshine into the lives of others through community growing”.    
  • Five years of Tooting Community Garden The garden is open every Sunday to the public. In the last 10 weeks, 55 people have made visits – many returning week after week.
  • Four years hosting teenagers on the National Citizen Service scheme – Challenge – and working with them each summer.
  • Three years of outdoor learning with Gatton School – hundreds of children have explored the community garden, at sessions on Tuesdays. As one of the children said at the celebration at the garden last month, “Nature plays an important part in every religion and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. We strongly believe that this community garden has brought us together and closer than ever before”.
  • Three years of Resparkle at the Library – encouraging families to spend time together making things from upcycled materials.
  • One year of Rooting in Tooting – running gardening, carpentry and arts sessions with the CARAS youth club
  • UpFest – Jeni Walker ran sewing sessions at the new Wandsworth Oasis shop – the beginnings of a great partnership.
  • Tooting Field Days – in partnership with fanSHEN Theatre – a series of local safaris in and around Tooting – a chance to get outside, walk, play and make things. Themes for each safari follow Carbon Conversations themes – shelter, travel, food, water, natural neighbourhoods.
  • Growing Tooting – a new initiative working across three new locations, running a series of 8 workshops to help people learn about growing in the city.
  • Tooting Neighbourhood Plan – the Forum group is firmly established, bringing a diverse voice to the development of the area.
  • Restart Parties – a chance to get your electronic or electrical items fixed, or help others to fix. The parties are now established in Tooting and the next one is 21st June.
  • Tour de Tooting – a wheeled parade through Tooting to re-imagine our streets with fewer cars and buses. It’s happening – 3rd July!
  • Golden Ticket Awards – we are incredibly grateful to the individuals who have gifted the community share of the Wandsworth Golden Ticket Awards to TTT. The Golden Ticket scheme is run by Western Riverside Waste Authority in partnership with the council and is an initiative to encourage recycling. These donations will go a long way in helping us continue our work. Thank you.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been involved or taken part or supported us. And if you’re interested in finding out more or getting involved, get in touch by emailing transitiontowntooting@gmail.com – the more the merrier, and the more positive change we make.