A second set of photos of our Jellybrella creative workshop on May 11th. These  are all about the day as an invitation to be creative…welcoming people in new ways…and what participants thought about it.

All the background on this participative creative community sustainability project is in a past blog post – please click here It includes “what and why is a Jellybrella?” 

We asked for feedback and below there’s a photo of two of the evaluation forms completed on May 11th (click here to enlarge):

We’re proud that participants found the Jellybrella day welcoming and inviting.

Reaching parts we had not expected, David even wrote a very special Jellybrella song for one young girl who is a fan of Morrissey (think ‘Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage’).

May 11th lyrics here

About 60 people came along on May 11th; over half were children. The participants were very diverse: half were english and half from many other places: several European and S Asian countries – and Mexico!

In our earlier adult workshops in March and April the balance was 2/3 of participants from countries other than the UK.
Lastly, everyone was from other countries in our February family workshop with CARAS refugee family participants. 65 took part in that workshop (2/3 were children).

A total of 140 people of all ages and cultures took part in our 5 Jellybrella workshops.

We’re going to write up our collective reflections on the Jellybrella project, and we’ll share our learning soon.
And we’ll share our ideas for Jellybrella 2!