Player's wall Mitcham Road, Tooting Broadway by ramson.

Our heating doesn’t work. Feels like the 1950s. Great for saving on energy bills, and for bowls of warm porridge in the morning, but look forward to a smidgeon more heat.

Off on Thursday to the Transition City Conference in Nottingham which is being held specially for communities working to set up Transition Initiatives in Cities. That’s us. The progamme looks really interesting and includes sessions on: The Sustainable Communities Act, Energy Descent Plans, Diversity in Cities, Transforming Cities into Hubs of Sustainable Food and Working with Conflict. Will report how Hilary Jennings and I get on there. Anyone else feel like coming, there are still spaces. This excellent article in the Times speaks in detail about transition initiatives sprouting up all over the globe – a growing army of ‘local heroes’ determined to turn challenges of climate change and oil depletion into ‘our finest hour’.

In the last week Transition Town Tooting’s heroes have been in contact with Capital Growth; London Sustainability Exchange, London 21, Sustain. There’s interest in linking up with any TTT initiatives we can get off the ground around carbon reductions, food growing, health programmes and so on.

We have begun a conversation at Tooting Bec Lido around renewable energy for the site. The Cold Water Swimming Championships will be held again there on January 24th. Registration by Dec 24th if you want to enter!!! An excercise in resilience if ever there was one.

Just found some very fine photos of Tooting on flickr. If anyone recognises the one above as theirs give a shout to