In a surprise first for this “correspondent”, a whole meal was created from the bounteous produce of our postage stamp garden this week (see below). It IS possible! OK we didn’t “grow” the fish but … an ocean is made of many raindrops. And doesn’t that carrot look like a well known Tooting resident? Answers on a postcard please.

Out in the ether, todays’ Ecologist has an article entitled “The psychology of climate change: why we do nothing” which is an interesting read. The article cites Renee Lertzman a PhD Research student in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University who, looking at the unconscious motivations behind many people‚Äôs responses to climate change, reckoned that:
“more participant-led models such as the Transition Town movement where people were encouraged to bring there own ideas rather than being lectured at, were more likely to succeed”.
Let’s hope so! The positive outlook of the Transition Movement, its open framework and inclusiveness do seem to engage the “man or woman in the street” on climate change and peak oil issues better than beating us about the head with scenarios of impending doom!

Meanwhile back in South London’s vibrant melting pot, TTT are busy signing up the town’s restaurants to cook local produce for the Foodival next month and looking for more growers to pledge food to be cooked and served to the public on the day. Can you help? Surely you can do better than my lookalike carrot? Contact Giles Read HERE to join in the project.

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