Award-winning sustainable architect and TTT stalwart Susan Venner has been underatking an eco-retrofit of her Balham house for some time and you can visit it as part of the SuperHome Spring Openings on 28th March.  There’s plenty of and varied insulation including an exterior cork wall plus solar water heating and a wood-burning stove.  It should be fascinating to snoop around … ahem, under Susan’s watchful guidance of course!  The opening is from 11 till 3 with half hour tours limited to 8 people at a time on the hour and half hour.  Book via Sustainable Energy Academy where Susan’s home is listed as Cornford Grove, Balham.  

Also don’t forget the BATCA Open Forum tonight at St Augustine’s Church in Broadwater Rd between 7.30 and 9.30 pm.  The subject is “Let’s Make Tooting Better” 

Also there’s the Islam and Permaculture course next Sat 27th and the next First Tuesday on April 6th to look forward to, where the theme will be Food.  See our Events page for full details