TTT’s Sara has been away from us since last year studying permaculture in Sweden and India.  She has sent us some fascinating reflections on her experiences….

I have since the middle of October been living amongst poor farmers in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The reasons I’m here are many, and the things I’ve learned so far even more. It was difficult to believe, when the chaos that is India hit me in the face, that I’d be able to decipher anything and learn more than a few valuable lessons.
As a former resident of Tooting I started my journey with plenty of “ahaa”s, and one time I even met a man who used to live in my beloved borough. It was as far away from the hustle and bustle of London it could be, in an idyllic village with thatched coconut rooves and outdoor kitchens. It made me wonder how many people in Tooting and the rest of the world long to be back here, back home but are having to work and earn the remittance that outsizes aid money many times over…

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