Tues Jan 11th 7-9pm. Mushkil Aasaan, 220-222 Upper Tooting Road.
TTT’s first step in 2011 will be a confident one.  
We look at well-being and start with WALKING! Join us for an evening to celebrate this most human of activities and the manifold benefits it brings to our physical and mental well-being.
To celebrate our local area, we will create ‘mini walking maps’ that may develop into official Tooting Walking Maps. We would like you to try this activity out, and bring your 5 most relevant photographs along to on January 11th.
Do you make time for yourself to slow down and nurture calmness? 
Here is a creative opportunity to connect with yourself, the environment and others and increase your physical activity in a way that is good for your wellbeing!
By practising the art of stopping, we can enter the present moment and be nourished by the beauty and wonder of life in and around us.
Instructions for Photo Walk:
Go to the start of your chosen route. This doesn’t need to be anywhere special. It could be a route your walk daily, or one you do with the family, one that you’ve been meaning to try out. It could start at the side of a busy road, in a green space, inside a building.
Make sure you are safe from vehicles, unlikely to be bumped by passers-by.
Take a moment to close your eyes. Take in a breath, hold your breath and let it out, all for the count of 9 (3 in, 3 hold, 3 out). Do this 3 times.
Still with your eyes shut, draw your attention to the big sounds around you, focus on them, and listen to them. Do the same with the sounds immediately around you. Then try to listen to your internal sounds, heart- beating, cracks, rumbles etc.. Carefully open your eyes and readjust yourself. You are now ready to do your photo walk! Dwell mindfully on your steps by taking slow purposeful steps. Stop walking from time to time, simply breathe, listen, and relax.
Make this walk as long or as short as you like. As you walk, listen carefully to the sounds around you. Use your camera to focus on the sounds that draw your attention. Be selective with your shots. Try to capture things that illustrate this sound route.
At the end of the walk, we invite you to select 5 images that portray your experience and illustrate this particular route and bring them to us on Jan 11th as A6 prints on paper. We will create walking maps together on the night.
Join with others to hear about how central walking is to our communities and lives; our medical and spiritual health; our local history; Living Streets and how reducing carbon has many positive health benefits.