Thanks very much to everyone who attended the 2012 AGM on Tuesday evening, in the Vestry at Streatham Cemetery on Garratt Lane. Following the adoption of our new constitution a year ago, this short annual formal meeting:

  • confirms by vote the people who will hold the key roles in helping us achieve our vision and support our projects 
  • hears a statement of TTT’s finances 
  • hears information about TTT’s communications choices, IT profile and users 
  • hears a brief summary from each of our main current project groups. 
The graphic below represents TTT’s structure, roles and current projects, all on a single page:

We are proud of this – thanks Leon! – as it is beautiful, creative, and easy to use image to support visualising and describing our activities and relationships.

Supporting roles within the co-ordination group are shown in the roots of the plant, alongside some of our partners; and TTT’s current project groups are shown as the plant’s flowers. One specific point we have agreed is to rotate the main supporting TTT roles around the group, so that individuals hold a role for a period of two years – sharing the voluntary ‘workload’. Lucy Neal (who founded TTT 4 years ago) has stopped being formal co-chair, and Tim Bage now becomes co-chair alongside Charles Whitehead (who started a year ago, when Hilary Jennings left the role). These are changes in role, thankfully not changes to involvement in TTT!

Other main roles continue to be fulfilled by the same individuals as during the past 12 months. If you have any questions please do contact

To finish here are some web stats:
In the last year, there have been 40 blog posts, more than 6,000 unique visits to the site with nearly 10,000 page loads including remarkably hits from around the world.  In the last week for instance we had 46 visits from Germany and 29 from Russia!

Meanwhile TTT has 43 blog members, 578 Twitter followers, 81 Project Dirt members, 179 likes on facebook, the Garden has 83, and more than 650 people receiving the regular TTT email.