On the evening of Wednesday 20th June a group in Tooting met to join in with the UK-wide Festival of Transition’s 24 Hours of Possibility. See http://www.festivaloftransition.net/experiments/67
Why go to Rio when you can come to Tooting?

For half the time we were catching up with the past and present.
We had a lot of discussion, clarification and questioning based on hearing a BBC World Service programme on the run-up to Rio+20. 
( http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00stn02/One_Planet_Rio20_The_future_we_want/ )
We explored the roles and representation at these summits – leaders, negotiators, lobbyists and NGOs, and ‘the people’: what is the quality of the exchanges and contacts?

Then we did travel to our desired future, in groups, choosing a future role and an issue that we envisioned and then acted out to the rest of the group. A future family talked about new habits in purchasing and consumption… the local council proudly described to a journalist their achievements with energy (yes, the wool from the sheep on Tooting Common is being used as insulation in 2032)…a local shopkeeper showed off seasonal and local stock, and a customer went away with potatoes when they were looking for mangoes…

It was great to see how much was covered and shared in a short time – when you are involved and listening.

Thanks to all who came along to explore Tooting’s future now!