The 2nd Day of Stories with Tooting Library was a surprising and experimental day. In the morning and afternoon we were transported from the centre of Tooting to join five storytellers’ worlds of wonder – crossing boundaries of geography and time from Norfolk to the Great Plains, with sound effects from the beautiful (the harmonica) to the funny (blowing custard through straws).

In the middle of the day we offered two and a half hours of printing from plants (it was difficult to stop), using leaves gathered that morning in Tooting.  Have a look at the slide show below, to see concentration and the work of many hands in action!
We rolled out ink, selected leaves and coloured paper, folded it all up and rubbed with our hands to transfer the image, feeling the different leaves through the paper.  Some continued with another colour or a different leaf, producing detailed and dramatic results.

Many thanks to all who came and took part, and to our colleagues from the Library

We’ll be offering plant printing, and storytelling with Alison Royce, in Tooting on Sunday 9th June, at the ‘Tooting Community Growing’ open day at the Community Garden at 5 North Drive. For more information click here, and all ages very welcome.