This Sunday July 21st, from 1130-1200, come along to help us plan our water use in the Community Garden.
Maybe this weather will continue, or maybe not: in any case there are some practical short term and long term choices to be made linked with water use. What is doing well and what is not? Can we construct some water catchment and storage – or just install a tap? What different plants could we grow? How will we look after them?

For interest:

  • In June there was only a quarter of the normal rainfall locally
  • It has not rained in the garden for 15 days – in July there has been just one mm of rain (July’s average is 40 mm for the month)
  • sweet corn needs 20 litres of water per square metre 2x a week
  • our runner beans need half that

Do come along – and /or join in with ‘normal’ gardening between 11 & 1.
The forecast…is for cloud!
We’re at 5 North Drive, south of Tooting Common, and the entrance is in the fence to the left of the large brick house. All welcome!