It’s been dry – and now very hot – and both have had an impact in the garden – some plants have speeded up and gone quickly to seed, some have slowed down…
There was lots to explore and to harvest: we cleared the broad beans and the garlic; we chatted; we looked at insect predators and prey; we tended the potatoes and sweet corn; we made plans for the Tooting wheat with Juan and Anta from Naked Loaf in Furzedown (come to the Tooting Foodival 28 & 29 September and see we what we do together!).
I’ll let the photos tell the story of the day:

Sorting broad beans

Larva of seven-spot ladybird hunting down aphids
Garlic can dry all week
Looking at insects
Wheat is getting tall

‘The bread is going to be great!’

All welcome to join in at the Garden: every Sunday

from 11am to 1pm at 5 North Drive behind the large brick house.

Or email us for info at

No need for a bag to carry beans