In the beautiful weather of Sunday 6th October we made tea at the Community Garden using our volcano kettle, trying out some of the wild plants Mark Watson suggested during the Tooting Foodival.

We sorted sunflower seeds for
drying and sowing next year

As well as enjoying cakes made with Garden brambles and local apples (thanks to the bakers Charlotte, Liz, and Gillian and Phoebe), we did some gardening too. We tidied the herb bed; planted elephant garlic; turned over weeds to dry in the sun. Thinking of future possibilities, we looked at samples of home-made paper incorporating garden plants – an idea for the garden-grown wheat straw that we have saved.

The visit in the rain was today, from Lina and Emil who are starting up a new project in Malmö, Sweden – a city farm to

be run as a local food production, green employment and sustainability hub – maybe the first in Sweden. We’ll share more when it all gets going.