TTT Open Meeting Tuesday 15th October – looking forward at TTT and local activities to build on the energy of the Foodival

Please come along: we have a regular TTT meeting in the upstairs room at The Selkirk in Selkirk Road, SW17 0ES on Tuesday at 7pm. All are welcome. We’ll aim to tap in to the energy raised by, and have a bit of a debrief from, the Foodival – and hear about ongoing opportunities to get involved with existing projects.

Maybe you have a project idea you’d like to develop with others?  
If so why not come along and share with the group?

This meeting will have a structured section as well as time to chat. 
Please contact us if you are interested in presenting at this meeting: email us here
Our latest TTT mail out to subscribers was sent on the 11th October: click here to read a copy.
No TTT post is complete without a photo: so here are 2 from yesterdays’ plant printing session for families at Gatton School’s Big Draw and Cultural Day – thanks for asking us!

Meanwhile TTT was also at yesterday’s St George’s Hospital Community Open Day, where we dished out a lot of Community Garden seeds and had some good conversations. 
And how about the medical students dance society?  They should have been on the stage at Foodival – maybe next year, they were great!