All welcome to our eighth series of Tooting Carbon Conversations.
We have a group formed now to start on 19th May, with a couple of places left – please do join in for a free, instructive, practical and non-judgemental tour around reducing your own carbon footprint.

Click here for the flyer with all the details. And click on CARBON CONVERSATIONS at the top of this blog page to read past TTT posts.
To sign up or chat, email Charles at – but don’t leave it too late!

And we have a fascinating new offer:
Our Transition Town Tooting colleague Jenny is developing the idea for Carbon Collaborations – an informal space, online and face to face in other meetings and workshops.
Carbon Collaborations can encourage people to share their own successes and challenges in understanding and managing their own journey with carbon reduction in home energy, travel, food, consumption, and more.
We’ll share What does that look and feel like?
That could be expressed through wishlists, diaries, sharing equipment or time, confessions, pleas for help if stuck, photos of achievements… 
We’ll get into this at the end of this next Carbon Conversations series.