We have a new project promoting all things Made In Tooting. It’s the brainchild of low impact living initiative founder Dave Darby who has organised an inaugural meeting on Wednesday June 18th – all welcome.  Over to Dave to explain the concept in more detail:

The idea is to promote local businesses making things in Tooting, and also to help people make (and grow) things themselves. We have a web address and a twitter account (@MadeInTooting) but they’re not live yet. The idea is that local businesses making things in Tooting are promoted on the website, as are the small shops, restaurants and bars stocking the local produce.
That way, people interested in buying things made locally can find places near where they live to buy them.

There must be hundreds of small business making things in Tooting (as well as north, south, west and east Tooting, sometimes called Balham, Mitcham, Wimbledon and Streatham). Let’s find them and promote them!  I’ve already made contact with By the Horns brewery (beer); Naked Loaf (bread); the Urban Wine Company (Chateau Tooting!); Nuff Naturals (skin-care products). They’re all keen to get involved.  I’ve also talked to a few local shopkeepers about stocking ‘Made in Tooting’ products, and the idea was well-received. So there are plenty of things to do:

  1. finding and talking to more local businesses
  2. talking to local shops, bars and restaurants
  3. designing and building the website
  4. designing a logo
  5. making a flier to give to local shops
  6. maybe making a ‘Made in Tooting’ shelf sticker
  7. researching what other similar groups are up to
  8. helping people make and grow their own things locally

If any of this appeals to you, and/or if you’d like to come along on the 18th, contact Dave on dave@lowimpact.org