Jenny and Rose hatched a plan to do a group effort on our leaves and compost: shift the heaps around, do some finicky work and try out ideas and new skills too.
We did other jobs too – many thanks to all, and to Steph for cake. 
However for photographing I was enchanted by just one story…..


1 raking the leaves

Once upon a time….

18 people came along to the Garden.

There was with an age difference of well over 60 years from youngest to oldest.


2 making the rings
of wire mesh

3 weaving in sticks
to hold it all together

4 admiring the tower!
5 adding the leaves

Meanwhile, back at the compost heaps:
All the separate bins were being sorted
We were definitely doing things we’d never done before… 

carefully removing
ground elder roots
older finished compost
was put out on the beds

And in another part of the garden, all was peaceful…

It was a great couple of hours, and it’s not an urban fairytale:
the story will be continued….
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