Your pension can change the world
Right now, it’s funding climate change…

On December 9th we are running an event with Share Action looking at how the gazillions sloshing around in the UK’s pension funds are invested in fossil fuel companies and other high-carbon industries which are driving the world towards dangerous climate change.

This is our money and we should have a say in how it is used shouldn’t we? 

By taking back control over the cash invested in pensions, we can make sure it’s supporting a better future.

This workshop will cover the basics of how your pension is invested and how pension savers can take action to effect change. Join us for the evening to learn about your pension power can save the planet!
Tuesday 9th December 2014, 7-9pm at Mushkil Aasaan, 222 Upper Tooting Rd, SW17 7EW [poster to download]