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No.8 tips for Xmas: Take a few moments to think back on the year for 3 things you have been grateful for & 1 thing you’re looking forward to

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Sustainability on a personal noteā€¦.
Experiencing, savouring and building on the positive emotions you have when you are happy can support your wellbeing and help buffer against the negative things that might happen. These tips could help support sustained happiness and help build resilience to the challenges of climate change.

1. Reliving great memories make us want to have them even more in our present lifeTake five minutes for 3 days over the Christmas period to sit in a quiet room, by yourself and close your eyes. On the first day, think back to a really enjoyable event in the last year. It can be anything, big or small. Try to relive that event through your senses and really enjoy it. On day two, do the same except relive a happy memory and on day three, think of a really successful time you felt totally in control.

Replay them as though they were a film, rewind the best bits and see them again and again. 

Think about how you felt, the positive emotions you had, why the event was enjoyable, happy, and successful, who was there, the sounds, smells, textures. Have you felt this way again? Write down the times you have felt this way and see if you can think of any patterns connected with feeling good and what you did.

2. Take a few moments to think back on this year, for 3 things you have been grateful for, and 1 thing you are looking forward to

3. On your Christmas cards, write about your gratitude to the person you are sending it to- something they did for you, or you appreciate in them.