TTT’s ’12 tweets to Christmas’

We’re going to tweet every day from now until Christmas Eve on practical, creative, seasonal & interesting sustainability themes. 

Here is the welcoming tweet:
Today we begin @tttooting‘s 12 tweets to Christmas, built on our email newsletter last month Join in!

And here is tweet number one:
No.1 in @tttooting‘s 12 day to xmas: Source your dinner locally. Use a tool like @findlocalfood‘s or @MadeInTooting

Follow us on twitter (@tttooting) and retweet the messages, and we’ll follow you. The more the merrier….and please join in and tweet us your sustainability tips too.
If you are not on twitter, you can read the posts here on the TTT blog, one a day. Do email us more ideas here.

Yes it’s a challenge to be concise and fit a message into 140 characters – it must be good practice! Actually it is quite addictive…
And we haven’t written these as a committee – the tweets are simply what diverse individuals have volunteered to share.
If it catches on….we could do a run of New Year’s Resolutions in Jan?

Our twitter address again: @tttooting