The games:
A beautiful sunny Tooting morning…..,
…..and guess what time the really cold rain started yesterday? 

Yes, exactly as we started the games. 

Nevertheless, adults were seen and heard up trees, and a 2-year old was soon playing hug-tag (come next time to find out how to play that game..). That brave family deserves our respect!

There will be a next time, with the monthly Tooting Field Days starting on Sunday April 19th – we will share all the details soon. 
Many thanks to Rachel and Dan from fanSHEN Theatre…brrrr.

The Project Wild Thing film:
It was great to see this – the film covers many current opportunities and challenges in getting us all outdoors more, through the storyline of our hero having a few months to become ‘Marketing Manager for Nature’. Why? What’s the product? What are young people’s perceptions? Who wants to be involved? Who can advise and help? The result became the ‘Project Wild Thing’ group, with good resources for all here.

Meeting local groups: 
A nice extra outcome of the afternoon was meeting Anthony & Kirsty, trustees from The Woodfield Project. The project is restoring a building, and making new relationships, and offering new outdoor-oriented courses right by Tooting Common.
It’s really valuable for TTT to meet local allies, so we can work together on these important objectives which are good for Tooting people and the whole neighbourhood.

Courses are being developed with Fabiola from Groundwork London.
She gave us a hand-made poster of some of the local events being offered in April and May.

We’ll put it up at the Community Garden, Fabiola. Really great topics, and we’ll keep in close touch and promote these events.
For more detailed information, contact her here

Thanks again to the supporters for this event: The Wandsworth Council Eco-Fund, Mushkil Aasaan, and the Friends of Streatham Cemetery.