A group of a dozen of us from Tooting went to the Time to Act march on Saturday in London. 

Why march? To express yourself, to be counted, to meet friends and strangers, to witness change in the making, to represent others, simply to be there. 

Making and feeling the weight of your message in your hands – it’s unusual, active, and personal. Totally unlike holding a phone. 

The sun was hot; the wind blew the banners so they tugged like sails.

At one point in the march, between The Savoy and 
Charing Cross, everyone sat down on the warm tarmac of the Strand. 

For me that was a good moment – not quite touching the wild earth, but certainly feeling in touch with London, and valuing it as a physical place that shelters us. 

None of us wants to be preached to, and I liked these diverse messages –  direct and also complex; creative and calling up so many associations.

Why march, why do what we do locally in Tooting?
Naomi Klein from the introduction to ‘This Changes Everything‘:
“We know that if we continue on our current path of allowing emissions to rise year after year, climate change will change everything about our world. 
And we don’t have to do anything to bring about this future.  
All we have to do is nothing
– Charles