Are you growing for the Foodival?  Unfortunately so are the caterpillars! They are causing havoc on the local cabbage patches!

Foodival is TTT’s sustainable celebration of local growing, local cooking and all things food related, taking place this year over the weekend of September 12th & 13th.

There will be a competition for weird looking vegetables, something on fermentation, a schools cook off challenge, plenty of entertainment, including I am reliably informed a giant pea, as well as the usual features such as Top Tooting Cook and dishes to sample cooked by local restaurants.

Keep an eye on the Foodival blog for the latest information and keep growing for this year’s event despite adversarial critters! 

No, not these people … they are donors of home grown veg & fruit snapped at a previous Foodival.  Recognise anyone?  Fancy joining in this year?

Yes You Can!