Wandsworth’s Golden Ticket prize draw scheme means that every two months a properly-sorted bag of recycling – complete with a WBC golden ticket put there by the householder – is selected to win a £5000 prize. Half of the prize is a community pot which the winner donates to local community groups, and half is the householder’s own reward.

Three weeks ago the first of four monthly draws took place, and Ms Osmond from Tooting selected Transition Tooting as one of the winners. We have received £1000, and so have two other organisations: FAST, a young people’s project in Nine Elms and Share Community which offers training support for disabled people.

Charles from TTT; Michaela, Kerry and Jason from FAST; and Annie from Share Community

All of us in TTT are bowled over at being selected by Ms Osmond.   We hugely appreciate it, and will report back on what we do with these valuable funds in order to help make Tooting a more sustainable and happier place. Thank you again!

Ms Osmond’s donation is extra generous because she added £500 of her personal prize to make the community pot a round £3,000 – so her three selected organisations each received £1,000.

NB this scheme continues for three more draws, so it is really worth householders popping their golden tickets into correctly-sorted recycling, and certainly worth community organisations registering as potential beneficiaries. To get more tickets or to register, click here on the WBC website or  here on the WRWA site 

Here we are joined by Michael Singham, WBC Waste Strategy Manager…and yes, a bag of recycling. 
The next draw is on the 18th December – Good Luck and Happy Recycling!