This week is the home straight for voting online for funding support for Gardens of Refuge at the Aviva Community Fund. It will come down to our tally of votes at the end of 18th November, and of course the other ‘Aviva projects’ are also doing a push this week.

Please vote by Friday 12:00 for Gardens of Refuge, and ask your family and friends to vote too. Together we can support this creative and forward-looking Tooting partnership project with the refugee and asylum-seeker community centred on the Tooting charity CARAS.
Every Vote Counts, and every vote is appreciated!

How to vote?
You have to register individually before you can vote. To register, please click here for the Aviva webpage
Then search for CARAS or Gardens of Refuge to vote!

Project Details:
Read the description of the project online here.

For the future: bulbs for 2017

You’ll see that the project is all about growing the therapeutic benefits of gardening plus greening the community we share in Tooting.
And it’s about building ways to enable refugees to share their own knowledge and skills locally.
Together we’ll imagine and create a more beautiful neighbourhood as a legacy for all.

Legacy: flourishing from 2015’s cuttings
There are three partners in Gardens of Refuge:

CARAS – with whom we have worked in depth for 18 months on Rooting in Tooting.

The Grange – a residential respite and permaculture centre in Norfolk who work with CARAS. Please see The Grange.

& Transition Town Tooting

 Thank you so much for your support & please vote by 12:00 on 18th Nov!