30 Days Wild In Wandsworth is aimed at encouraging us all to share enjoying being outdoors in the city during June ’17. 
Being outdoors is not one size fits all: read a book under a tree, walk to work, make a daisy chain, join in activities like the Park Run or swim at the Lido.

We’re piggybacking on The Wildlife Trusts’ national ’30 Days Wild’ campaign, a great place to start.
Go to their site online here to join as an individual or family to receive the 30 Days Wild June Calendar.

There’s a link here for the beautiful ideas in Random Acts of Wildness

And there’s a free 30 Days Wild appget it here.

Two of us are helping frame this month of focus on the outdoors: Chuck from Transition Town Tooting and Rosie from Paradise Co-op.

We and others will propose things to explore or do, but we’re not running a month of special events. 
The idea is that the month is self-managed: everyone can share what they enjoy and find valuable, maybe to do with nature, or keeping fit, or gardening, or sports, or contemplation….or all of those and more. Of course there are several weekly events in the Paradise and TTT calendars during June that are perfect for getting outdoors.

To help share ideas, we’ve set up a facebook group called 30 Days Wild in Wandsworth, and it’s ready for use here, now
Anyone can post ideas, experiences, tips. These can be for all ages, and for all kinds of activities: quiet or loud, active or reflective, social or solo. 
Do join us on facebook as soon as you like – you don’t have to wait for June.

So: during June we can all share good ideas and local knowledge that will make this outdoor opportunity come alive in Wandsworth. Please share the crusade and spread it wider with others who may not be online or may miss out.

It’s very simple: it’s all about enjoying the outdoors.