There’s been another election recently in Tooting: TTT has a new governance team who will be carrying out their roles until spring 2019.

TTT was established in 2008, and by 2011 we agreed to formalise the key governance roles and also fill them with willing volunteers who serve a term of two years. That means that:

  • no one has to do (or get stuck doing) the same role ‘for ever’
  • there’s an expectation that different individuals can step into these roles and carry them out in their own diverse & fresh ways
  • we share between us the responsibility for doing these useful roles which support us all in TTT

Give them a wave! Welcome to TTT’s new governance team:

From the left: meet the Treasurer David, the two Co-Chairs Jeni and Sharon and the Secretary Eleanor. They look forward to meeting you!

All these roles are voluntary, and these four people work alongside TTT’s project co-ordinators – and maybe lead TTT projects themselves. Earlier in the year we shared the role profiles. The Co-Chairs, for example, fulfil a leadership rather than a management role for TTT as a whole.

The election was part of TTT’s Annual Celebratory Extravaganza, where we invited partners, volunteers and the curious to join us to recap strategy and activities in the previous year and look forward to the next.

We had an evening full of energy and heard from many colleagues who explored 15 projects large or small, long-term or one-off:

  • Thank you to all who spoke about projects and asked questions – and brought refreshments
  • Thank you to Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP for her vivid summary of the value of bringing people together in a practical and creative way across the Tooting community’s diversity of views, voices and concerns.

One group game we did was partly aimed at meeting new people and finding out who was in the room, and partly aimed at imagining (on the spot) some new potential taglines for TTT. There are some great comments written on these balloons! You’ll have to click to read them.

There’s plenty to be involved with right now in TTT – no need to wait for the 2019 AGM. Please read the events listing and blog, sign up to our monthly email and keep an eye on facebook & twitter. Come and chat!