Just as a marker for the next time you encounter anyone who doubts or denies Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) aka warming of the planet caused by the actions of humans, an article in the Guardian this week explains that the scientific consensus on this is now over 99%. I guess most readers of this blog don’t really need persuading but … if like me you still know a few people who think it’s all a big lie, this page could be worth linking to at some point.


The impact of global warming denial cannot be underestimated, with plenty of vested interests, for example those corporations that benefit from the continued burning of fossil fuels or cutting down of forests (and there quite a lot of them), keen to invest in putting a dissenting point of view out there. With media coverage often seeking to put both sides of a story, a vocal minority with no scientific backing can get their views amplified.  The skeptical science blog for example, referenced in the Guardian article, shows that in 2018 despite near total scientific consensus, the public perception that there actually is a scientific consensus for AGW was only around 50%!!!

There are plenty of reliable sources that support this view. The NASA website lists loads mainly in America, but they are apparently under pressure from vested interests to remove this information.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been clear for some time on the subject: 
“Human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest in history. Recent climate changes have had widespread impacts on human and natural systems.”
(From Summary for Policy Makers 2014

If you know any other reliable reviews of the subject or good debunking of denial, or even some persuasive denial (ha ha!) please do send TTT a link and we’ll be happy to quote it. DT