Would you like to join local residents for a programme of facilitated workshops exploring our responses to the climate crisis -personally and collectively?

Living with the climate crisis is a programme of workshops which offer a mix of psychologically-based groupwork and experiential learning which support people in managing their feelings, experiences and actions towards this complex issue. 

Anxiety, distress, burnout and despair are common responses to struggling with climate change. The workshops provide a space for people to talk, to share, to express what they feel and to reflect, but they also offer tools, ideas and skills for action. They focus on:

  • support and understanding
  • communication
  • finding pathways to carbon reduction and community and political action

The programme was designed by the same team who designed Carbon Conversations, which we ran in Tooting for several years – you can read more here.

We will be running a programme of these workshops in the Tooting area during June and July 2023.

If you are interested in taking part please email Ben Cuddon to learn more: bencuddon@gmail.com