A local campaign to stop a 10MW biofuel energy plant being built as part of the proposed Battersea Power Station redevelopment is gaining momentum.  Andrea Speranza of biofuelswatch gave some reasons why the plant will not be a good thing for Wandsworth residents. She told us that biofuel production:
  1. Leads to an increase world food price rises. 
  2. Causes the release of more greenhouse gases through land conversion and chemical fertiliser use than fossil fuels.
  3. Effects local air quality by burning vegetable oil which emits nitrogen oxides and small particulates linked to asthma, bronchitis and heart problems. (NB: In 2010, a similar sized biofuel power station was refused planning permission by London Borough of Ealing because it produced too much air pollution.)
  4. Leads to people being thrown off their land and suffering human rights abuses in the Global South
  5. Will mean heavier traffic in Wandsworth due to fuel tanker deliveries

What do Tooting residents think?  Is this really what we want on our doorstep? You can express your opinion on the proposed biofuels plant to Wandsworth Council via planning application 2009/3575 or mail info@biofuelwatch.org.uk for more info.  DT