Jeni and Jane organised a great Book event this evening!  Charlotte and Bruce told us about books they love, while Doug from My Back Pages, one of the only independent bookshops in south London, talked knowledgeably about writers and books with local connections, before setting us all a really hard quiz!  The evening continued with “Speed-booking” – where we had one minute to impress our “dates” by explaining our love for a book we had brought along.  Meanwhile Libby taught paper making from recycled shredded paper
(see a couple of dodgy first efforts above!).  And don’t forget World Book Night on Saturday!  A full list of books discussed and recommended at this evening’s event follows:

  • The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron (David)
  • Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science – Immanuel Kant
  • The Man Who Planted Trees – Jean Giono (Susan) 
  • Liberation Therapy, The Initiatory Way to Peace – Sheik Ali N’Daw
  • The Spirit Level: why equality is better for everyone – Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett (Jane)
  • A Sand Country Almanac and Sketches from Here and There – Aldo Leopold (Bruce)
  • To Have or To Be – Erich Fromm (Kim)
  • The Carbon Diaries 2015 – Saci Lloyd (Charles)
  • Out of Iran – Souson Azadi (Rose)
  • The Medieval Economy – M.M.Postan
  • Cradle to Cradle – William Mc Donough and Michael Braungart
  • No Destination – Autobiography of an Earth Pilgrim – Satish Kumar (Charlotte)
  • Local Food: How to make it happen in your local community  – Tamzin Pinkerton and Rob Hopkins (Charlotte)
  • The Energy Glut – Ian Roberts (Jeni)
  • The Great Work – Our Way Into The Future – Thomas Berry (Bruce)

Rose has several copies of the “HDRA News” and “Hortus, A Gardening Journal” if anyone would like them.  Please mail TTT.