The Tooting Transition Shop was a project that ran for 10 days in May 2012.  A Shop with “Nothing For Sale but Lots On Offer”. 

We Have A Shop

which sells nothing but offers much. Photos below and read Lucy’s Shop Diary to find out more.  Better still come down and discover for yourself at 68 Upper Tooting Rd, 10am-6pm till Sunday only! This link has full details of all the events.

Pictures and video of the Treasuring Tooting wellbeing walk

Video of the day 3 dozen photos from the Treasuring Tooting walk in slideshow format – enjoy!

The Treasuring Tooting walk was a success – and now the Transition Shop is open for another week

On Saturday the 12th May we led our local wellbeing walk through Tooting and found a huge range of Treasure – the people we met (walkers who did some or all of the route, and the hosts at the venues), the surprising places we went, the conversations we shared, the stories we heard, the food and ...

The Walk & The Shop

There is such a lot of Transition in Tooting over the next 10 days! On Saturday (12th May) we hope as many as possible will be “Treasuring Tooting” by joining our wellbeing walk which will visit 12 different places in Tooting.  There will be a wide variety of activities and experiences across locations as diverse as ...

Making Tooting Happy!

This First Tuesday event was about wellbeing.  Belinda and Hilary talked about events that are being offered locally this year, including The Treasuring Tooting walk and pop-up kindness activities being run throughout Tooting. Conversations among the group identified that satisfying our basic needs such as safety and a home were essential; including having comfortable things ...