Sharing some pictures from the Community Garden – & we’re having a Garden working picnic on Sunday 15th July
The gardeners (and plants) are persisting through the mixed weather  –

Loads of broad beans
in June

Fertile conditions for all

Great Willowherb
Anti-slug mini greenhouses

Water capture – and it supports the shed
Beetle’s-eye view today of the potatoes
planted two months ago during the
Treasuring Tooting wellbeing walk
Have a look again at the video which includes planting them:!
We’re having a Garden working picnic this weekend on Sunday 15th July, from 11:00 to 2:00 – all welcome. The garden is at the rear of the large house at 5 North Drive, on the south side of Tooting Common.
There’s plenty of growing time left – and the 5th Tooting Foodival to look forward to on September 23rd. Do come and join us in the garden; for more info email Adrian at