The weather gods were kind and Sunday blessed us with a break in the endless grey skies and rain. Warm, sunny (at least some of the time) and gorgeous blue skies reminded us all what a summer day should be!

Ten of us met at the Community Garden to make the best of the sunshine. It was my first visit to the site and I’m very enthusiastic about the size, scope for doing lots of interesting things and what the group has already achieved in a little over a year. Lots of bodies and hands available so we got plenty done:

  • Michael and his friend got busy doing the heavy work to dig a hole to install the pond – if the weather continues it should fill naturally with all the rain!
  • Charlotte and Jenny planted seedlings including sprouting broccoli, squash and tomatoes – now all we need is the slugs to hold off and the sun to shine
  • Adrian tackled the compost heap – bravely withstanding a flagstone and foot interaction!
  • I sowed a few rows of radish, leeks, beetroot, carrots and dwarf beans in the hope we might get a quick catch crop before winter sets in
  • We got creative and cut some spare plastic tubing down to enable to us drape netting over the freshly sown seeds while the local pigeons watched with interest
  • We discussed sitting down and planning a herb garden in the quiet months over winter and whether we should have a go at growing over winter crops under some form of protection (Rocket, pak choi and komatsuna at christmas? Yes, please)!

Added excitement was provided by the small kitten who had scaled a nearby tree and refused to be tempted down by either the RSPCA or Fire brigade though I’m fairly sure he’s scampered down now and is settled back in a warm and cosy flat.

Then there was a picnic to celebrate the hard work. It was delightful!  Astonishing how a little sunshine and working with people who have similar interests can suddenly make you feel so much better about life, the universe and everything. I came home full of energy and tackled some slightly neglected bits of my own small garden.