On October 8th we had our TTT monthly open public meeting, focused on Growing in the City – growing plants, food, relationships, skills, connections, enterprises, awareness of nature…

We looked at a dozen examples of diverse local London garden and growing projects…..
We discussed what they are aiming to achieve, and what ‘drivers for change’ (urban biodiversity loss, or people’s wish for local food) that these gardens are responding to. We looked at some global responses to the same urban challenges, and made links to the origins and activities of Transition Towns.

We continued with a planning discussion for the Tooting Community Garden, revisiting its purpose and our own separate and shared reasons for spending time in the Garden, and explored some questions:
> How complex do we want the project to become?
> Could we commit to producing salad or herbs for a local restaurant? (A real challenge, because a request from a supportive local restaurant owner was put on the table)

We’ll summarise the notes of the meeting, and share them. If you would like to be involved with the Community Garden group, come along to 5 North Drive on the south side of Tooting Common (look for us behind the large house) between 11:00 and 1:00 on Sundays, and join our planning get-togethers too.
Email Adrian at adifalconer@hotmail.com for any more info.
All welcome!