Each day in the week of October 1st, the Transition Network website posted informal reports from different London Transition groups.
Here is the link for a report from Transition Tooting:
To view the other London accounts, click on ‘Guest Bloggers’.

TTT appears in another Transition blog, in an account of a session we offered during the Transition Conference held in Battersea on Saturday Sept 15th. It was a section of the Treasuring Tooting Walk. There’s that photo of feet in the Lido again!http://www.transitionnetwork.org/stories/mark-watson/2012-09/humans-flying-walking-backwards-future-and-dipping-our-feet-lido

And – remember the wonderful Tooting Transition Shop in Upper Tooting Road in May? A video of the nine-day project has been posted at https://vimeo.com/48938206

Happy viewing!