(The title means ‘fruit-trees in Görli’….)

On Saturday 6th April I was in Berlin, and was lucky to be able to join a local fruit-tree planting session along with my daughter. Coming in late after all the preparation had been done, we got involved with planting,and with making the timber protection / supports for the trees.

Nine tall bare-rooted fruit trees were being established in nine big holes – the third annual planting in Görlitzer Park by the organisers: Transition Town Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: http://www.transitiontown-friedrichshain-kreuzberg.de/so36/obstbaeume and at http://kiezwandler.de 
Here’s their great vision:
‘Berlin 2030: climate-friendly, people-friendly, post-fossil fuels’

There were over sixty people there of all ages on a very cold day, and the whole setting felt like Tooting to me: doing something practical in a big urban public park in a very diverse neighbourhood, and with a very warm welcome. As in Tooting, you could sense a web of links to other city projects, funders, community groups…

Pictures by Belle tell the story:

1 Setting up the wooden posts

2 Sledgehammering
3 Tree protection at ground level
4 Plenty of support
5 Delivering a bare-rooted apple tree

Continuing the photos of a Berlin Transition group and friends fruit-tree planting on 6th April:

6 Firming the new soil
7 Tying on hessian protection

8 Was this the correct tree for this hole?

9 Packets of Tooting seeds find a  new home in Görli!
TTT looks forward to keeping in touch with this great group in Berlin – lots of learning to share…and maybe some exchange visits? Danke!      – Charles