Gatton School’s Year Six classes have had two more amazing sessions, on the 3rd and 10th December. While the rainwater catchment in the Tooting Community Garden – ‘The Build’ – has been growing fast, children have been trying out some of the skills involved.

The pictures can tell the story:
Year Six were practicing cutting timber joints on 3rd December, to copy how the roof supports are fitted together:

Four timbers complete with two lap joints each
On December 10th they made a pop-up roof with hand-held gutters to show how to collect and store rainwater from a roof. It worked!

The pop-up roof takes shape

No problem! From watering can to storage without any spills

On both days, we explored how teamworking makes a better and stronger construction.
As of today the roof is up, and next week sees the completion of the Build – with several linked projects planned for 2014.

Sorting garlic before planting
Year One classes have continued to visit:
Garden activities can be solo and
reflective, or social and active!
Can maple seeds fly? Yes!