Much like a tree in winter the Meet & Make notice board is looking a little sparse due to the season, we are all drawing our energies and preparing for flourishes throughout the rest of the year!

Do check out the picture for what is going on and get in contact or chat to me tonight for more info on any of the items.Meet & Make Notice Board page #0-1
And not to worry as this just leaves us with more making time at our Meet & Make tonight which is now confirmed to be at Sprout, who are kindly lending us the venue, at 6:30 – 8:30ish. See side bar on the right for the address.
We have an official feature craft tonight which will be making ‘Ribbon  Zipper Bags’ as demonstrated in this fab Marc Montano video. I will bring materials and sewing machine!
Come along to try this out or bring along something else you are working on to get in some quality making time.
Hope to see you there, contact Jeni for more details or to join our Meet & Make mailing list –