This weekend it’s the winter solstice.
From now on the days start to get longer – slowly at first, just seconds per day. Yes it’s still winter, and the coldest weather is still to come – but for gardeners this is an exciting time!
Over the next few weeks, come along to the Tooting Community Garden and you can feel that things are alive and moving outdoors.

The winter wheat is
coming up well
 Rocket and mustard
leaves picked today

Gardening helps you learn to look forwards (a New Year’s resolution?).
This week we planted the Stella dessert cherry that Gatton School has presented to the Community Garden – there’ll be plenty of blossom and fruit to enjoy in the future.

We’ll be open on Sundays 11-1 over the holidays.
Check on the Community Garden’s Facebook page for any updates, and we look forward to seeing you!