A theme we’ll be looking at with our stand in the hospital at St George’s all day on Nov 15th is green living, with games and activities to explore home and personal sustainability. Living green is a practical response at family and community level to global climate change.

Professor Chris Rapley’s play / lecture called 2071 ‘explores the future of life on earth and climate change’ this week at the Royal Court Theatre. Some of us from TTT saw the play today, and one of the conclusions is simple and powerful:

  1. Global population will probably stabilise – say at c9.5 billion
  2. That population will need energy
  3. That energy must be carbon-free for us to have a successful future

Blunt words.
Getting rid of ‘carbon’ in energy and production is not the only key to being sustainable and happy…but it’s a core step. TTT have found the practical focus on everyday carbon reduction has been successful in the series of Carbon Conversations meetings we’ve offered locally since 2011. To see a recent run through of our 2014 series in six blog posts, click here – and we will be happy to talk about the meetings with visitors on Saturday.

What about games?

We know playing games is a simple (and sophisticated) way of understanding a new subject or rehearsing larger-scale challenges.

In Carbon Conversations, there are a lot of games – for example on our choices in managing home energy, and on travel options, and on ‘where is the carbon in the food we use?’

Come along on Saturday and we guarantee you will enjoy our games for all ages: Giant Green Living Jenga, Food Mapping, Food Footprints, and making a Drinks Carton Wallet.

We’ve been making these wallets in Tooting since 2010 (last seen at the 2014 Foodival, where dozens were hidden around Tooting, each with a local chilli pepper and an invitation inside…).

Like to see a step-by step guide to make 
them at home?
1 First squash your carton, with a concertina fold in each side:
2 Fold into three and then….
  …well, come along on Saturday and find out! 

Here are some finished wallets:


We look forward to seeing you all day on Saturday 15th at St George’s, and all ages are welcome to come and play.