We’re keen to help more people – individuals, families, groups and clubs, enterprises – grow healthy local food in Tooting. Come and have a chat on Saturday at our stand at St George’s about how we might do this together.

We’ll be on the 1st floor in the Lanesborough Wing, in the Ingredients Restaurant.

We are so lucky to have the Tooting Community Garden, where we have enjoyable sessions every Sunday.

We also want to reach out to more people:

  • who can’t get to the garden on a Sunday, 
  • or who would like to start their own growing space, 
  • or who have a garden and would like some ideas and advice, 
  • or who grow on a balcony and window box and want to be successful  ‘vertical gardeners’
  • and others…

 …and including coming to join us at the Community Garden on Sundays, special project days, or at the Open Day in June..

We’re calling this 9-month project ‘Growing Tooting’

Between now and the Foodival in September ’15, we’ll offer and arrange guidance and workshops on many aspects of growing.

  • We’ll encourage people to volunteer and get involved with others locally to look at many practical aspects of successful growing
  • We’ll get to grips with Tooting’s soil and conditions, with home composting and waste reduction, with choosing what and when to grow and harvest, plus sharing recipes and cooking – maybe cooking together outdoors over the summer.

We’re not replacing the Community Garden – we want to widen the impact of what we are all trying to achieve in there.

We hope there will be more gardens flourishing in Tooting after these next months – we have some contacts already who have space and potential energy. If you come and chat at St George’s tomorrow, we’ll ask if you have some ideas for locations and groups who would like to garden and grow.

A successful Foodival will be a great milestone for the project as for the past seven years it has always drawn together many aspects of community growing – gardening and plants, social contacts and relationships, ideas and surprising achievements, enjoyment, fun and teamwork.

There are many diverse growing skills that we can share in Tooting!