On Sunday August 2nd we focused on Shelter.  
Each family Field Day safari has a theme that’s about enjoying the local outdoors, creativity and also low-carbon living. We’ve explored Travel, Water, Nature and more…and had a lot of fun together, and discovered parts of Tooting we didn’t know at all.

What did we do?
In the first part of the afternoon we met at Sprout Community Arts and made insect hotels out of re-purposed plastic bottles and cardboard (yes, packaging from Dan’s kitchen furniture). 

These shelters are designed for ladybirds and lacewing flies – both are welcome predators on aphids. The results were fantastic!  Brilliantly decorated, with ideas zipping around the tables as children and adults thought of new techniques, and showed them off, and copied. Lucky bugs…we made over 3 dozen shelters.

The second part of the Field Day continued the theme. 
We walked to Tooting Graveney Common and built shelters and dens from willow branches (kindly donated by Lambeth Council).  Again, the creativity and healthy competitiveness that everyone displayed was inspiring. People also commented how much fun it was to hang out and play in the woods. 

After a picnic (courtesy of Pooja, Arena and The Collective Dairy) certificates were awarded to the best dens in different categories by our young judges Dominic and Benji.
At the end we followed the ‘leave no trace principle’, dismantling all the dens (after we’d taken photos to remember them by!).

But what’s this on Airbnb? 

One of the bottle shelters may have been left behind!

It sleeps 16…and has 8 bathrooms…look it up and check out the spec.

And look out for other Shelter-themed surprises you may find in Furzedown and Tooting – let us know what you spot. Including any sleeping ladybirds

Thanks very much to all the helpers who prepared and led this wonderful day, and to participants for your energy!

The last Field Day is on September 13th, part of the Tooting Foodival. There’s going to be a giant pea all the info is available online here. All welcome, all ages, and it’s free.