On Saturday 12th December TTT offered our fourth annual Resparkle! seasonal crafts session at Tooting Library –  this time combined with Jeni Walker’s monthly Meet & Make.

The aim was to teach children and adults how to make interesting, fun and attractive decorations or presents using household materials – newspaper, drinks cartons, scrap textiles.

Here’s what we had on offer to make:

  • drinks carton wallets
  • newspaper present bags 
  • textile and paper decorations
  • paper flowers
  • adding to the Library’s collage Xmas tree
  • and some children made up their own ideas…

All these activities are easy to repeat at home – for us it’s all about mixing creativity and upcycling everyday waste.
And it’s all about enjoyment and making things together. 

Some children did every single activity on offer, then went back for more..

The afternoon was delightful – a real mix of Tooting’s cultures, with a lot of concentration and focus from three dozen young people. There were rewarding challenges working with new materials and techniques, and persisting with folding, cutting, punching and sticking to make beautiful things.

Most of the adults were making too – it was great to see the mix of generations and also whole families doing these engaging activities together.
There was a lot of achievement, pride and quiet celebration.


Thanks so much to the multi-tasking TTT volunteers who ran the day: Jane, Jeni, Hilary, Rachel & Chuck.
Thanks to Tooting Library – to Heather and Khalid for inviting us (and for helping to clear up at the end).


 More photos in this slideshow  

See you at December 2016 Resparkle!